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We help your business to grow and expand.

We provides always our best services for our clients and always try to achieve our client's trust and satisfaction.


"Best Consult service"




Who we are

     Global Standard Management Services Co., Ltd. Is an independent company in Thailand.

We specialize in working with SMEs and large organizations. Have credible consultancy,

training services in Thailand, and Certification body by international partner.

Clients consulted by us in more than 50 organizations in Thailand.

      We are celebrating GSMs brand birthday on the 24th of February 2010.

We help organizations of all sizes perform better in quality, environment, energy, sustainability,

and health and safety management.

      Serves are ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, IATF16949:2016 ISO45001:2018, ISO22000:2018

and ISO27001:2022





To be the business improvement company that enables organizations to have standards of best practice.
Principles for inspiring confidence include.

     1. Transparency                                      2. Impartiality (Neutral)

     3. Responsibility                                    4.Competency

     5. Openness                                            6.Confidentiality

     7.Customer Focus                                  8. Responsiveness to complaints

     9.Reduce waste                                      10.Increade production

Objective of GSMs

* Helps our clients Improvement of customer satisfaction

* Helps our clients operate in a way that is safer, more secure and more sustainable.

* Help our clients Create a continual improvement culture.




      Consultants bring you a ‘fresh eyes’ approach to your processes.

They can bring insights to how ‘best-practice’ can be used, as well as                    

highlighting if legal minimums are being missed.










5 good reasons to use an ISO Consultant

                                            Here’s a top five of the benefits of using a good ISO Consultant:

                                           1. Consultants bring you a ‘fresh eyes’ approach to your processes. They can bring insights into how ‘best practices’ can be used,

                                               as well as highlight if legal minimums are being missed.

                                           2. Consultants provide you with knowledge and expertise quickly and efficiently. In particular, they will help you understand the ISO standards.

                                           3. Consultants help you deliver within the time frame, as they won’t be distracted by other tasks.

                                           4. Consultants bring you knowledge and insights into ‘best practice’ and effective solutions that have worked elsewhere in the industry.

                                           5. Consultants apply their experience to ensure you develop solutions that reflect your circumstances and aspirations.


1. Internal Audits

Prepare document annual internal audit for firms

that wish to outsource internal audits to outside audit specialists



4.Supplier Audits

A supplier survey audit is an audit of a supplier’s quality system to determine

if the system complies with an identified ISO standard and customer-specified requirements.


2.Pre-Assessment Audits

Pre-Assessment audit is a complete audit of an ISO quality system

to determine if the organization if ready for a certification audit by a registrar.

Provides this type of audit and can provide advice and assistance on

how to correct nonconformances.


5.Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis takes place before setting up an ISO quality system. This type of audit identifies

which requirements of the ISO standard are already in place and what is missing

that is a requirement of the standard.



3.Environment and Occupational Health Legal

We assist your business in knowing the issues that must be implemented and

comply with environmental and Occupational Health Legal in Thailand.

There are many subtle details that confuse operators—especially foreign

investors or those starting to invest in various industrial businesses in Thailand.






Why Outsource ISO System Maintenance Program?

An organization may want to outsource the maintenance of the ISO system.

This includes conducting internal audits, managing corrective and preventive actions,

preparation of information for the Management Review meetings, and consulting

on the planning and monitoring of  improvement objectives.





                                           Reasons for Outsourcing Audits

                                                       1) Organizations often state the following reasons for outsourcing audits:

                                                       2) ISO-required internal audits are not on schedule

                                                       3) Auditors cannot be taken from their work assignments

                                                       4) The organization has lost internal auditors due to promotion, lay-off, or the auditor has left the company

                                                       5) Auditors are not independent of the processes to be audited

                                                       6) Auditors do not know how to do process audits

                                                       7) New auditors are needed and there is not sufficient time to train auditors

                                                       8) An outside experienced auditor is more likely to conduct a value-added audit; i.e. find opportunities to improve system effectiveness

                                                       9) Outsourcing audits is more cost-effective than training internal auditors

Maintaining your System after Certification

      GSMs provides an easy-to-follow road map to support you with this and your consultant will have provided you with the knowledge required to do this when implementing the system in your 

business. There are several requirements that businesses need to meet in order to improve their systems, and their business, as well as to ensure that your certification is maintained. Management review meetings, ongoing monitoring of improvement actions, and customer satisfaction as well as regular Internal Audits, are a few of these. Conducting  regular Internal Audits is the most time-consuming of these requirements, requiring not only knowledge and training in the ISO standard,  but also that the person conducting the audit not be involved in

the work of the area they are auditing.


Good reasons to choose GSMs

1. Less cost- You don’t have to pay welfare such as social security, OT, bonuses, and Facilities in the office.

2. Consultants have experience and expertise. They can work smoothly, solve problem quickly, and complete according to the planned

3. Don’t have to pay a lot of money for education Some necessary skills, many companies will find the problem of lack of suitable personnel.

Therefore, if you send employees to learn from the beginning will cost a lot of money and interfering with other tasks.

4. Don’t worry when it’s time for an external audit (CB)

5. Reporting results systematic management efficiency.

6. The contract is flexible


GSMs can help

  • strategy formulation
  • business goals
  • KPIs
  • Control the correctness of the documents in the organization
  • Internal audit activities
  • Re-solving (CAR)
  • Management review report


     ISO training and business improvement courses and qualifications to help you, and your organization, progress toward a more sustainable  We offer face-to-face sessions and online training. Our 

courses, designed and led by experts,  allow clients of all types and sizes to meet their  particular training needs effectively and efficiently. They cover the following:

o Environment management

o Health and Safety

o Management

o Energy management

o Human resource management

o Team building


5 Positive impacts of training your workforce

1. Boost Employee Engagement

2. Reduce Staff Turnover

3. Attract Top Talent

4. Improve Productivity

5. Increase Revenue


Training: Enabling your people to reach their full potential

        A company’s greatest asset is its workforce, so motivating and retaining employees is vital. Employees are aware that upskilling is essential to job  performance and long-term career success.

 As an employer, providing high-quality training   not only ensures your workforce is fully competent and  loyal, it helps build your brand reputation, enabling your company to attract top talent. 

Indeed, the opportunity for growth and development is one  of high-potential jobseekers’ top criteria   when choosing an employer. Training also boosts a company’s organizational performance, 

with research  consistently showing that firms that invest in training improve their bottom line. In today’s fast-moving world, training your staff simply  makes good  business sense. So, the real 

question is not whether to train but what training to offer and how to choose the best provider. GSMs have the answers you need.

A Format for every need


   On-site and open classroom courses give your  staff  the  opportunity

to interact with GSMs expert trainers and gain  insights from peers in 

a variety of industries. This format enables them to benefit

from  direct accessto and on- the-spot guidance from our uniquely

qualified team.


GSMs offers a number of flexible online training solutions; 

Learners can reap the benefits of live tutor-led online 

classroom courses. And taking online tests and exams, 

both the learner and their employer can monitor progress

 and verify skills acquisition.



GSMs courses cater to the needs of every member of staff, 

whatever their level of knowledge and skill. Our range

 includes courses at Introduction, Awareness, In-depth,

 Expert, Auditor, and Lead Auditor levels, which gives

everyone the opportunity to develop their skills and

grow their scope of understanding






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